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WyneTechnologies is the most efficient SEO Company you will find across the entire East Coast. Yes, that is right! Having our origins in Florida, not only do we claim to be the BEST SEO COMPANY in Florida, we actually prove it through our success stories. The dilemma is that every struggling or new business owner wants SEO, but 90% of the times do they end up trusting the wrong company or putting the most significant pillar of their business’ success in the wrong hands. Result – They end up burning money.

  • Our SEO process ensures website health of above 90% at all times
  • We provide elaborate insights into your SEO performance
  • A custom-tailored keyword strategy plan designed around your needs
  • We provide Local SEO Services – National SEO Services – Enterprise Level SEO Services

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Regardless of where your business is in USA, your first ever target market would be your locality – which is exactly why you need us to provide you the lift you’ve desired and dreamt of having since you embarked on this journey to success. We grab the bull by the horns and steer all that missed potential your way. For example, if you’re a Dentist who has spent years, burning the midnight oil with that desire to have your own clinic one day – practicing medicine the way it deserves, who would you want to attract? Someone in a specified proximity of your business who is looking for your service. We at WyneTechnologies ensure the fact that your campaign budget is not spent attracting people who can practically not end up being your customers, for instance someone two states away.

Our professional yet highly afforable SEO service packages allow you to practically earn interest on every dollar spent. We provide reporting and monitoring every step of the way.

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Our Pricing Plan

Basic https://keenitsolutions.com/products/wordpress/braintech/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/1-1.png $150Per Week

$600 Per Month

  • Custom WordPress Website Design – (one-time fee $350)
  • Up to 10 Keywords Optimized
  • 2 Blogs Per Month
  • On Page Optimization for SEO
  • Monthly Site Backups
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Support via E-mail and Phone



https://keenitsolutions.com/products/wordpress/braintech/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/0002.png $225Per Week

$900 Per Month

  • Custom WordPress Website Design – (one-time fee $350)
  • Up to 15 Keywords Optimized​
  • 4 Blogs Per Month
  • On Page Optimization for SEO
  • Keywords Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Upto 15 Backlinks Per Month
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization

Buy Now Platinum https://keenitsolutions.com/products/wordpress/braintech/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/3.png $375PER WEEK


  • Custom WordPress Website Design – (one-time fee $350)​
  • Up to 30 Keywords
  • 8 Blogs Per Month
  • On Page Optimization for SEO
  • Off Page Optimization for SEO
  • Keywords Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting

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Now that you’ve stepped on the road to convey your message to the entire nation, we have designed this service to distinguish your business from your competitors in a so not ordinary way. Stemming out from our Local SEO Services paradigm, we let you focus on a wide range of long tail keywords, commonly known as a broad range of Google Search Queries. This set of services is more oriented towards brands or products that are nationally sold, or E-commerce websites etc. The extensiveness of keywords research and planning that goes here is unparalleled.

Our SEO specialist will spend a great deal in the initial research, discovery, and feedback phase to gather as much valued information about your Company’s mission, vision and business prospects as possible. Before you even realize, we would already busy ensuring that every business owner or interested customer knows about your brand. The more they become aware of your business, the more they’ll reach out.

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Why do you need an SEO agency?

It is the year 2021, long gone are those times when we used to publish an Ad in a local newspaper and customers used to pour in like rain. Customer preference mindset has dynamically shifted over the years, all thanks to SEO Companies like us – yes, we’re guilty!

Search Engine Optimization represents the perfecting of your website’s content, meta data, user experience, graphic design, and search visibility in a way that search engines such as Google find you in a fraction of a second. People love to Google and if you’re on it – you’re successful. SEO is more than just a few search queries or keywords, it is the art of optimizing your website for Searh Engines – this means that when someone is searching for something you offer, Google will run a checklist against your website and if you fulfill all the parameters, you would be put infront of the researcher and above all your competitors.